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SEO at a once off cost. R14 500

For a single low cost your website will be optimised in line with Google’s best practice, with all SEO issues being covered. We do this using the very best global software and combine that with the thinking from our team of search experts.

  • Full SEO optimisation for your website for a low once off cost

  • Compress six months of work into 30 days – Our one month turn around means your site is fully optimised in the shortest possible time.

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Finally a Once Off SEO Product: Designed for Business Owners

Designed to deliver business results without you needing to worry about the technical “nitty gritty” of SEO.

Who is SEO Accelerated for?

Anyone who is launching or re-launching their website and wants to ensure all SEO best practice is in place.  Anyone with an existing website that they feel is not performing as it should be.  In short, anyone wanting to get ahead of their competition and maximise their websites potential.

Save Six Months with SEO Accelerated

  • An in-depth 58 point technical SEO site audit – (50 -100 pages of detailed analysis)

  • Comprehensive Site Speed Audit – mobile load speed is critical

  • Keyword Research – Ensure you capture your target market by targeting the right search terms.

  • Keyword Map – Ensure your websites pages are optimised using the keywords identified in the keyword research.

  • Meta Data (Google best practice) – Make sure your site has the correct meta data in place

  • Technical Chase List & Recommendations – A prioritised list of issues and fixes impacting the performance of your website.

  • Robots.txt & Sitemap – Another Google best practice (we provide optimised versions of both for simple upload)

  • Back-link Audit – Ensure there are no harmful back-links impacting your websites performance.

  • Benchmark SEO Report – We give you a detailed reporting dashboard showing the performance of your website.

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Accelerate your business today

Take the guess work and frustration out of your SEO Campaign see real results and output within 30 days

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