1. Digital Asset Health

Audit Tools & Insights

Improving the health of your digital assets to generate more revenue

Foundations is our unique methodology to help ensure that you have a comprehensive view of the health of all your digital assets.

We do this using a combination of software, paired with experienced digital search experts. We can then help you drive more digital revenue by getting all the fundamentals in place.

It all starts with the foundations, having the right strategy and infrastructure to support that strategy.

2. Strategy & Infrastructure

Performance Marketing fundementals

The fundamentals of digital success lie within these two components. What is worrying for most brands, is that when put under the microscope, these two pillars are often grossly neglected parts of your business.

The good news is that using Foundations software we can quickly identify all the good and bad elements and give you a very specific action plan of where to make improvements.


How hard have you looked at what audiences you are trying to attract and where you stand versus your competition? Using Algorithm Foundations, we can map out where you stand against your digital competition and map that data against volume and competition.

This detailed analysis gives you a very clear picture of where you are strong or weak and critically tells you where you should be focusing your efforts to gain more qualified traffic.


Even if you get the strategy right, there is little point if your website is not built on the right foundations. This is a combination of user experience (speed & utility) and technology (accessibility to search engines). Our Acceleration software enables us to detail over 100 technical and human aspects and gives you a health score, with specific actions of what needs fixing or improving.

3. Measurement & Experience

accurate, actionable insights

So your strategy and infrastructure is in decent shape, the next component fundamental to making the right strategic and tactical decisions is your data.

The Right & Accurate Data

Data, data, data, as marketers we are almost sick of hearing about it. So, let’s keep it very simple, is your tracking correct and are you tracking the right things. We can conduct a quick audit and tell you what needs fixing or adding to help improve your digital decision making. We can also help with the automation and visualisation of that data into your reporting & insights.


At Algorithm, the user experience does not start on your website or app. People forget that the ad unit or search engine results page (SERPS) is often the start of your customer’s user experience. How much time do you spend looking at your brands message on google search, google business or maps? Think about it, this messaging is your digital shop window and is nearly always neglected. Do you spend as much time agonising about your meta descriptions as you do about the signage on your new store or brochure?

We can pull an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your on-site and off-site user experience to help with driving more people to take-action on your website or app.

4. Content & Audiences

Content for success

Great content is nothing without eyeballs to view it. This is why we speak about Content & Audiences. We also look at the way in which your brands content is being broadcast using digital paid media.


At Algorithm we focus on making sure that the content being produced (internally or agency) is matched back to your search strategy.  Using software, we can conduct an audit to say where your content strategy should be focussed, based on your sector and relative competition. This results in specific actions that you can implement into your content strategy.

Audiences (Paid Media)

Using Algorithm Foundations we can create detailed audits of your current digital paid media approach and performance. This includes the optimisation of your adwords, google display and remarketing campaigns. The result is an audit and action plan of where specific changes can be made to deliver more qualified traffic or reduce wasted spend on the wrong audiences.

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