January 2018

Your site speed sucks


Your Site Speed Sucks They Say “We need to reduce your site speed loading time by compressing images and javascript, otherwise Google will penalise us hard!”  What on earth are they on about? Let's get Straight To The Point... They Mean That you are losing leads and revenue - due to a poor user experience [...]

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June 2017

Performance Marketing Demystified


Describing performance marketing is hard. Why? Because we "digital folk" are generally terrible at explaining things in everyday language. We struggled to find a good definition for performance marketing anywhere on the web, even the large global agencies are guilty of diving into three letter acronyms and fuzziness. We thought that we would have a go [...]

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May 2017

What is Performance Marketing? Why should you care?


We all want proof instead of theories and results rather than cheap talk. At the end of the day, as a marketing manager or business owner, you want a return on investment from your marketing spend. This is where performance marketing comes into play. This style of marketing has drastically changed the way we advertise and with [...]

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