1. Conversion Rate Optimisation

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In an ideal world every plan would be preceded by a strategy. The two things are critically different. A strategy is the why and what we are trying to achieve. The plan is focussed on the how. CRO requires a destination or a desired outcome or series of outcomes. What is your CRO strategy?

The Google Marketing Platform has a fantastic CRO tool called Google Optimise. Quant has CRO specialists that are seasoned professionals at creating page variations, with the right experiment weightings and tracking, giving you the data to make the best tactical decisions to achieve your strategic goals.

2. Website Conversion Rate Testings

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Conversion Rate Testing or CRO is a widely used but a little understood digital tactic. Most marketers are familiar with the process of testing versions of creatives against each other to see which one resonates with the target consumer more favourably. So why is CRO so little utilised or understood?

Well a few reasons. Firstly, it requires the insertion of some code onto your website, it’s that word “code” that immediately can frighten people off. Secondly, because the word code was used in the same sentence as website, people fall into the misconception that CRO requires involvement from their web development teams.

These development resources, normally have a wish list of changes as long as a black hole and therefore CRO never really gets onto the priority list.

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3. How CRO Works

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So let’s just keep things simple. Installing Optimise scripts can be done via Google Tag Manager, without need for developers to be involved.

Then the creation of variants and splitting of traffic can be implemented by using the Google Optimise Platform (and many others like Unbounce or VWO to name just two). This last part also need not require any involvement from your development resources.

4. Digital CRO using Google Optimise

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So what are you waiting for? Conversion Rate Testing should be an “always on strategy”, not a mystical tactic that is never actually deployed. It is single handedly the most important discipline to increase your digital ROI. Contact us today if you wish to find out more.

Put simply, CRO is a process of testing versions of ads and/or web pages against each other – at the same time, to see which one performs the best. This is also often referred to as “split testing” or “multi-variant testing”.

But, CRO goes way beyond just testing – it’s a method, a scientific process and a way of thinking. It mixes both performance marketing thinkers (people who drive traffic) with user experience thinkers (people who try to understand the customer experience of using a page or interface).

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