1. Web analytics & insights

Data. Analytics. Insight

Digital marketing is in a state of crisis. It’s awesome because there is so much data and it’s measurable in every angle. But, digital marketing is its own worst enemy. Too much data leads to analysis paralysis. Messy reporting with numerous data points, leading to brands, marketers and agencies looking at everything and not the things that shift the needle.

We are promised “plug and play” reporting, seamless integration with operational systems. So then why is the reality so different? Because data is messy, numerous, fragmented and presented in boring visualisations. This is why we created Quant. Our mission is simple: accurate data, timely data, the right data, in one beautiful place. A place that guides you on what action to take.

Our team is a collection of seasoned industry experts who are veterans in digital performance marketing and want to present a layer that informs decision making.

We can reduce the burden of reporting and insights through data cleaning and automation. We then take that data and surface it within a visualisation layer that shows what’s working and what is not.

2. What is Quant?

Tools. Data. Business Insights

In January 2019 Algorithm agency launched Quant marketing. Algorithm has been increasingly relying on proprietary tools developed internally to drive success in client campaigns. These tools pull data and insights from multiple sources and have given Algorithm the edge in delivering results to clients. Further to this we have seen a big need from clients to have a clear data and insights strategy for their business.

This side of the business is growing as increasingly clients and agencies realise the power of the data at their disposal, and Quant is the answer to this need from our clients. We don’t talk about “Big Data” in fact we dislike the term, Algorithm and Quant look at data at an insights level, what are the small simple wins we can uncover that will drive big returns for clients?

“It is because of the growth and value found in the data layer of our client campaigns that we have decided to expand this side of the agency, we believe that a strong data led foundation combined with insights that drive informed decisions are key to future success in the digital performance marketing space.

We felt strongly that this part of the business is so critical to the future that we felt it needed its own identity and as such Quant Marketing was born.

Quant marketing is the data analysis and business inteligence layer to all of Algortithms work. All of our internal tools are developed inhouse by the Quant team. All client reports and data insights work carry the “powered by Quant” logo. This indicates that the Quant data and businesss analyst team have added their insights and skillset to the campaign work driven by the Algorithm team.

In summary the business objective of Quant is as follows:

Business owners, marketers and agencies all have too many things to do and therefore we become average at everything. We should be great at the things that work and fix the things that don’t work. We aim to cut through the noise and provide people with direction that adds to the bottom line of their marketing or business strategy.

Proven Results

Our process works, we have case studies across multiple industries showing the growth and ROI delivered to clients.