1. Site Relaunch Piece of mind

SEO Site Migration & Relaunch

A reskin or relaunch of your website is already a big deal. You have worked extensively with the designers and developers to craft the perfect site. The site has been created and you are ready for the big reveal right? Wrong.

We have seen this scenario many times and it’s always an uphill battle to fix this scenario post-launch. Sites can lose 80-90% of their organic traffic if a site migration or relaunch is not handled correctly.

Because of this, the team at Algorithm has created a robust process and offering specifically targeted at clients relaunching their website. This is a once off project and carries no ongoing costs or commitment. The offering is simple, launch your new site knowing that you have all the bases covered from a search engine perspective. You can go live knowing that your current traffic will be safe and that your site is in a position to grow.

2. The Algorithm Site Relaunch Process

SEO Site Migration & Relaunch

  • Discovery Phase

  • Technical Roll Out – URL’s & Redirects

  • SEO Site Architecture & Internal Linking

  • Post Launch

3. Discovery Phase

Algorithm Site Relaunch Process – Part 1

The discovery phase of the project ensures that we have all the data required to put a detailed action plan together, we will focus on the following items:

  • All content that is driving traffic to the current website is available on the new website – A detailed SEO content audit is required.

  • Pages with promising search engine rankings are available on the new website.

  • All inbound links point to relevant, up-to-date content on the new website.

  • PDFs and images that drive search engine traffic are available on the new website. – An SEO content asset audit is required.

  • All important search topics (keywords) are targeted on the new website.

  • All title tags and meta descriptions are maintained or improved on the new website

  • Previous content optimisations have been migrated to the new website.

  • Keywords to target need to be identified and a full gap analysis of the keyword landscape and the competition

4. Technical Roll Out – URL’s & Redirects:

SEO Site Migration & Relaunch – Part 2

Redirects are a critical technical component to any website relaunch. If this step is neglected the impact on traffic loss and performance of the site will be large.

  • Unnecessary URL changes have been avoided. Algorithm SEO team will provide a detailed URL map.
  • There is only one version of each URL (no duplicate content).
  • Each old URL that no longer exists will be redirected to a correct new URL. (301 redirect map to be supplied)
  • Redirect chains have been avoided.
  • Redirects for URLs that have backlinks have been added.
  • Existing redirects have been changed to new targets.

  • The status code of all permanent redirects is 301.

  • PDFs, images and other file types have been redirected.

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5. Indexing & Crawlability

SEO Site Migration & Relaunch – Part 3

Once your site has relaunched its critical to ensure that all the pages are indexed and can be seen by Google. To often we find issues with Robots.txt files blocking pages as a legacy from the staging environment. Algorithm will ensure that:

  • All pages that are supposed to be indexed are technically indexable.
  • The robots.txt file does not include any unnecessary directives.
  • All important content is accessible for search engine robots.

  • All important internal links are crawlable.
  • All pages that are not supposed to be indexed are excluded from indexing.
  • Search Console is set up for all versions of the domain
  • A new XML sitemap will be generated and uploaded to Search Console by Algorithm
  • A new Robots.txt file will be generated by Algorithm
  • Mobile/Responsive versions are optimised for Mobile SEO

6. Post Launch

SEO Site Migration & Relaunch –  Part 4

Our work doesnt stop once the site has launched. There are a number of critical checks to carry out including:

  • The robots.txt file on the new website has been checked.

  • The number of indexed pages is being monitored.

  • Crawl errors in Google Search Console are being monitored and regularly fixed.

  • Website and server errors experienced by users are being monitored and fixed.

  • The most important SEO KPIs are being monitored.

  • The number of landing pages for organic search traffic is being monitored.

  • Search analytics data in Google Search Console is being monitored.

  • Old URLs have been crawled to verify that all redirects are working correctly.

  • The canonical tag implementation has not been removed.

  • hreflang, if needed, has been implemented correctly.

  • The new website uses structured data, wherever possible.

  • A full site audit needs to be carried out to assess SEO health