Algorithm Agency offers top quality performance marketing services to brands and agencies in South Africa and across the globe. Our team of leading digital specialists have over 10 years experience across SEO, Paid Media, Analytics and Data Analysis.

Reach out if you are looking for a partner to grow your brand or if you are an agency looking for specialist resources, we are the preferred white label partner for many top agencies.


Algorithm Agency offers digital consulting and specialises in Search Engine marketing. Our team of specialists are all thought leaders in the South African digital marketing landscape. Algorithm takes its name from the core principle that drives all search marketing. In today’s world almost everything we interact with online has an algorithm at its core. We take this to heart and endeavour to understand all these various aspects, join the dots and provide you with a partner that understands the online marketing landscape.

Algorithm Agency works with agencies, SME’s and big business. We work behind the scenes and partner with your team to offer insight, specialist work and training where needed. All our work can be white labeled and is delivered with pride and an underlying need to drive results.

We strongly believe that it is only through providing ongoing and long term value that we can truly succeed. We aim to develop long term partnerships with our clients and to become their first point of contact for all things digital and Search Marketing related.

Measurement and analysis are a key cornerstone of our philosophy and all our work is data driven. True results cannot be gained without a complete picture. We believe in using all the analytics and data at our disposal to clear the fog of war and provide winning strategies for our clients. Likewise reporting after the work is done is vitally important. All our work is reported on in detail, giving clients piece of mind on their campaigns performance.

Google Adwords & Paid Media Like SEO, search engine marketing, or SEM, is a collection of digital features designed to promote your business, its ‘visibility’ and positioning on the search engines through platforms like Google Adwords.

Unlike SEO, which utilises purely organic methods of online enhancement, Paid Media operates using paid search methods.

Paid Media can very often prove to be effective in online business promotion and digital marketing endeavors, and can garner results and a visible return on investment almost immediately.

How to choose an SEO Agency in South Africa in 2017

April 25th, 2017|0 Comments

Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”) is still one of the fastest growing forms of online marketing and because of that, SEO companies have boomed overnight, leaving the customer to try and find a "needle in a [...]