Practical Content Audits That Immediately Improve Your Websites Traffic & User Experience

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Practical Content Audits That Immediately Improve Your Websites Traffic & User Experience

Building a website, small medium or large is a long and hard task. And let’s face it, once done we don’t very often look back and optimise the content that we spent 1,000s of hours creating.

We ignore this vital aspect of digital marketing because it’s overwhelming. The tragedy is that on-site content optmisation is one of the biggest tools that we can use to help transform our business success.

So why do we ignore it? Well because it’s hard to prioritise and even harder to bring in the right metrics into one simple view to make the priority decisions. This is why we built the Content Optimisation Audit.

Step 1
We run a content inventory, which pulls data from a variety of sources to bring all key metrics for every page into one list. The key metrics being:

  • Technical accessibility
  • Page speed load
  • Page mobile friendliness
  • Click Through Rate from the search results
  • Time on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Content depth
  • Content depth versus HTML code
  • Readability score Flesch-Kincaid
  • All the above trended over time
  • Score the above against volume to create a priority list of effort


Step 2

Surface all the above into an online data visualisation, with trended data.

Sample report view (contains dummy data).

Step 3

Based on the High Priority flagged pages, map the content to target keywords (for Search Engine Optimisation purposes) and create a content brief of how the content should be modified. The content brief should include:

  • Primary targeted keywords
  • Questions that people ask online and therefore, you should try and answer those question in your online content
  • Suggested page titles
  • Suggested page headings and subheadings

Step 4

Implement the changes onsite.

Step 5

Monitor impact and the trended shift in data into month 2, and so the process continues on an ongoing basis.

Enhance Your Websites Content

If you would like to know more about how your content can be enhanced to grow your websites natural authority, contact us and we will arrange for an SEO & Data specialist to give you a call.