Improving Reporting For Google Performance Max Campaigns

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Improving Reporting For Google Performance Max Campaigns

The benefits of Google’s Performance Max “pmax” campaigns are well understood. By utilising machine learning and automation to maximize performance across Google ad networks, including Search, Display, YouTube, and Discover. However, while Performance Max campaigns offer numerous benefits, advertisers need to be aware of the limitations, particularly concerning reporting and analysis capabilities.

Limited Transparency and Control

While Performance Max campaigns leverage Google’s powerful machine learning algorithms to optimise ad placements and bidding strategies, advertisers have limited visibility into the specific factors influencing campaign performance. This lack of transparency can make it challenging for advertisers to understand how their ads are being optimised and to troubleshoot issues effectively

Simplified Metrics & Insights

Unlike more granular reporting options available in other Google Ads campaign types, Performance Max reporting typically focuses on high-level performance metrics such as clicks, conversions, cost per acquisition (CPA), and Revenue. 

The major drawback comes down to understanding which asset groups have better or worse performance than others within the campaign and no easy way to see what type of placements are delivering performance.

The Two Key Questions

The two key questions that are currently hard to answer, are:

1. Which asset group is delivering what performance metrics?

2. What type of placements (Search v Shopping v Display v Video) are being utilised?

There are several “workaround” scripts available from online developers that dig into the platform API data to try to give more insights but these often require some technical skill to find, understand, and implement. In addition, they are generally quite poor visually, with simple yet hard-to-read tables of data.

We have built a simple reporting view to help make this data more intuitive and easier to to take actionable optimisation decisions.

Algorithm Performance Max Reporting Insights

Below are just a few sample views of the data that are unearthed on our Performance Max dashboard.

Cost & Conversion Value Metrics By Campaign & Asset Group

This is useful to see where the pain (cost) and reward (conversions) are coming from by placement type:

ROAS By Campaign & Asset Group

Understand the true e-commerce value of each asset group in a simple visual.

Asset Group Level Performance Data 

Get to the raw data in a simple table view.

Need Help?
By leveraging a combination of Performance Max reporting insights, third-party analytics tools, and manual analysis, advertisers can overcome these limitations and unlock the full potential of their digital advertising campaigns.

If you need assistance in auditing, planning, or managing your Google Performance Max campaigns contact one of our paid experts to help assist.