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eCommerce – Basic Mobile Best Practice – SEO & UX

The importance of the homepage on eCommerce sites cannot be overstated. For the vast majority of sites, no matter how large the product inventory, the homepage will normally dominate, as the page with the highest percentage of traffic. Well, I guess it’s not surprising really, it’s like the contents page of your product brochure, where people will expect to quickly browse and see a selection of ranges and or hero products. So how do you make the homepage visually appealing, whilst giving Google all the content signals it needs to know what you are selling and at the same time providing the prospective customer with a seamless user experience? Let us take a look at the basic fundamentals.

You can download the full PDF of the guide here.

1. Page Title

Let us start with the most important aspect, the URL and format of the URL. Remember the page URL is like the Chapter and Page Title in a book, without a logical well laid out title, how do you expect Google or consumers to discover the content that you are trying to promote, so make sure these basics are in place:

  • What Category does the product belong to, if it’s a Kitchen Spoon, it would likely be Kitchen Utensils? Make sure this is the first part of the URL after the domain name, wherever possible
  • After the Category, ideally, you want to give a  product friendly name, so in the case of a Kitchen Spoon, if the product is called “Splendor Spoon” it may be wise to call it:

2. Item 2


3. Item 3

Very much the

4. Item 4


5. Item 5

Again a

6. Item 6


7. Item 7


8. Item 8

People w

9. Item 9


10. Item 10


12. Item 11


12. Item 12


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Article Author : Simon Lloyd

Simon Lloyd Algorithm Agency