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Integrated Reporting for Performance Marketing

Reporting is Ugly, and Hard Work

We have launched an integrated reporting tool set, that pulls data dynamically from a wide range of sources into a simple visual layer.

You can have a play here: 

Google Analytics and many other web stats platforms are great but they all offer too many variables and an overwhelming amount of flat tabulated data.

We often use the analogy that the best and worst thing about digital is that you can measure everything.

This is often the single biggest mistake made in managing and optimising campaigns.

In this article, we will focus on just three of the modules available.

Website Overview Report

Website Overview Report example

Overview statistics showing monthly trends and year on year data for key metrics, such as:

  • Users and User Interaction Depth
  • Locations
  • Demographics
  • Devices
  • Channels
  • Goals
  • Page Performance

SEO Report

SEO Report example

Key traffic and quality of traffic metrics, such as:

  • Content Performance
  • Goals
  • Site Speed
  • Organic Visibility Data
  • Ranking Data

eCommerce Performance

eCommerce Performance example

We also offer connectors into various APIs from SalesForce to Microsoft CRM to Hubspot and PipeDrive.

If you are lost in ugly reporting which leaves you lost in data points, Contact Us

Article Author : Derik Nieman