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Technical SEO

This is the very foundation of your website but it’s often overlooked. It’s the single biggest influence of your online performance.

People often agonise over the look and feel of their brand but forget about the user experience and search engines are less forgiving as your customers will be.

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Content Optimisation

The quality and utility of your content is something that Google has prioritised in its ranking signals in recent years. The challenge is to create better content that will make it visible in the search engine results. Sites can often be let down by thin, low quality or duplicate (lazy) content and mark up (code).

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Fear Digital Marketing

SEO Audits

We have developed our own propriety technology that enables us to extract information from many SEO software solutions and aggregate them all into a comprehensive technical analysis with recommendations for remedial and immediate action.

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Fear Digital Marketing

SEO Visibility Analysis

We have also developed software that enables us to plot your “organic share of voice” against your competition. This then provides a full analysis of where your relative strengths and weaknesses are against your competitors.

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Leading SEO Agency

Algorithm Agency is a data driven SEO agency. We will partner with you to drive business results.

SEO Services

At Algorithm Agency we believe in using the latest SEO software and tools to drive results.

SEO Reporting

With Algorithm Agency reports & you as a business always know how your campaign is performing.

SEO Training

Our training ranges from a general overview all the way through to detailed specialist training.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Technical SEO is all about ensuring that the website is well structured and able to be seen and followed by search spiders or robots.

This includes many aspects, including a logical architecture, user friendly URLs, the speed of the site and the mobile user experience.

Technically SEO sends signals to search engines, and provides your users with the reassurance that they will have a quality user experience.

Site technical issues should be viewed like bad public relations, such issues can be massively damaging to your brand reputation and can in severe cases give Google a reason to remove your site entirely from the search engine results. Algorithm has a team of SEO specialists able to analyse your website and advise on how best to fix any SEO technicial issues identified. Our proven process makes us the leading technical SEO agency, our SEO services are based on international best practice and ensures that we are a leading SEO company in South Africa.

Great content is content that,

  • People will engage with
  • Share (especially on social media)

It will ultimately attract more natural inbound links from people who identify it as having a factor of fun or informative value in the context of your brands customers / audience.

Content Syndication (Inbound Marketing)

It’s often said that “great content still needs eyeballs”. This is true of your websites content too. The key is identifying where your digital audiences hang out online and then to syndicate your content to relevant places where it will have value to that audience.

Our team will identify relevant audiences and will then negotiate and establish relationships to provide relevant traffic, exposure & engagement with your content. Our content product forms part of our SEO services and makes Algorithm the leading choice in SEO agency.

Our in-depth Technical SEO audit is the starting point for any of our SEO discussions. Our SEO specialists can create a detailed analysis in hours which will help guide where your issues lie and how quickly they can be fixed or improved.

The Algorithm Visibility and Gap Analysis tool is paired with search volume and competition data to give you a full visual map of where you should be “fighting your competition”. This is often the starting point for developing a search strategy for your brand that is fully focussed on where you can make the biggest impact in your specific sector. When looking for an SEO company to work with it is vital that you find out if they are data-driven, at Algorithm we use data-driven insights to fuel our SEO services and to ensure we are the leading SEO agency.

Digital Marketing AI

Local SEO

We can make sure your business or store location is listed and fully optimised for Google.

This is a vital digital service for every business.

Digital Marketing Pitches

Mobile SEO

With more and more people turning to their mobile device when searching and browsing the web, mobile SEO has become an essential part of every SEO campaign.

Performance Marketing


Along with coherent copy that delivers your business message and that beautifully describes your brand, our content creation product provides online optimisation.

SEO Company

Algorithm provides real insights for your clients,