1. Technical / Onsite SEO

South Africa’s best SEO Consultants

Algorithm is the largest dedicated SEO agency in South Africa. With a team of 12 specialists and combined experience of over 50 years, we are the go-to agency for all SEO work.

Technical SEO is all about ensuring that your website is well structured and able to be seen and followed by search spiders or robots.

This includes many aspects, including a logical architecture, user-friendly URLs, the speed of the site and the mobile user experience.

Technically SEO sends signals to search engines and provides your users with the reassurance that they will have a quality user experience.

Site technical issues should be viewed like bad public relations, such issues can be massively damaging to your brand reputation and can in severe cases give Google a reason to remove your site entirely from the search engine results.

Algorithm has a team of SEO specialists able to analyse your website and advise on how best to fix any SEO technical issues identified. Our proven process makes us the leading technical SEO agency, our SEO services are based on international best practice and ensures that we are a leading SEO company in South Africa.

2. The Algorithm Content Optimisation Process

Content Insights & Optimisation

Content is the fuel that drives your online presence and is a key aspect in any SEO campaign. At Algorithm we have integrated detailed content optimisation into our monthly SEO workflow.

Through a partnership with our sister agency Quant Marketing we have built a suite of tools that feed into our monthly workflow. Our SEO specialists use the insights from the proprietary tools to drive insights and recommendations across our client’s campaigns.

Our monthly SEO content optimisation covers:

  • Content audit/inventory

  • Content chase list

  • Content writing briefs

  • Copy writing services

Proprietary Tools

Content Audits

Our custom developed content inventory tools crawl your website and based on over 10 SEO content metrics scores each page. This score gives us the ability to prioritise our efforts on the pages that will have the biggest return on investment. Our tool removes the shotgun approach to SEO so common in the industry.

Algorithm SEO Stack

Content Analysis

3. Outreach

Content Outreach / Link Building

We use the insights from our content analysis and visibility tool to guide and prioritise our focus:

  • In depth keyword and topic research

  • Content strategy (Content hubs & thought leadership)

  • Publisher, blogger and influencer identification

  • Scaleable outreach (Our process and large team allow personalised outreach at scale)

  • Data driven descions (we track and report on all outreach efforts)

4. SEO Reporting:

Data driven SEO Insights

The right strategic decisions require the right data and reliable data. We help you make effective decisions by extracting valuable insight from accurate data.

Our data analysts are a unique breed who are both highly technical but also understand business analysis.

This helps dive commercially founded insights and recommendations.

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