1. Data. Insights. ROI

Next level performance marketing insights

Algorithm has always been a data-led business. We have built a number of proprietary tools that drive what we do in the performance marketing space.

Because of this, we decided to increase our focus on the development and integration of these tools and data insights into our service offering. In January 2019 we launched Quant Marketing the data analysis and toolset layer to the Algorithm offering.

If you work with us you will see that all our reports and dashboards carry the “Powered by Quant” logo. This logo indicates that the report or dashboard you have received as been worked on by our team of experienced data analysists and that the report or insights you have received are created through one of our custom tools.

Everyone knows the growing value and importance placed on data in digital marketing. Our goal is to remove the phrase “Big Data” and replace it with data with actionable insights, as data without insights and actionable steps is useless. Algorithm powered by Quant is our solution to this problem.

2. Content & Opportunity Analysis

Content & Competitor Analysis

The Algorithm content visibility and opportunity analysis is a powerful tool in driving performance marketing and SEO strategy. This tool usually is our go-to first step when working with clients and the insights drive multiple KPI’s and objectives.

Evaluate your target market
The first selling point is its ability to prioritise a website’s content focus. Most sites have many pages of content, but usually, only 20 % of those pages drive any value. The visibility report identifies what our target market is searching for as well as the number of searches per month. This gives us a picture of what our target market is.

Opportunity & Gap Analysis
Once we know what our target market is and where to target them we need to benchmark our current performance. The visibility report takes the target market data and overlays your sites performance and visibility against the target audience. This lets us see where we are currently strong and more importantly where there are gaps between our visibility and the target market. This essentially does away with the shotgun based approach to digital content and gives you a laser-focused set of priorities to work against.

Competitor Analysis
The final step in the process is competitor analysis. The Algorithm visibility report overlays your competitor’s data against the above and allows us to see where they are performing well. This is then also worked into the strategy.

Proven Results

Our process works, we have case studies across multiple industries showing the growth and ROI delivered to clients.

3. Click Through Rate Analysis

A page level metric tool to increase page performance

The Algorithm click-through rate analysis is a detailed page-level view of a number of performance metrics. These metrics have an impact on SEO performance as well as performance marketing in general.

The idea here is to benchmark the pages of your site and ensure that they are performing optimally. We do this by looking at a number of data points:

  • Technical accessibility
  • Page speed load
  • Page mobile friendliness
  • Click Through Rate from the search results
  • Time on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Content depth
  • Content depth versus HTML code
  • Readability score

This report pulls the various metrics listed above and displays them in one simple visual. Our team of specialists then use this view to pull page level insights. The team then create recommendations to improve the page’s performance based on the insights.

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