1. Data & CRO Services

Actionable performance marketing insights

The power of digital marketing lies in being able to track and monitor all aspects of your performance. At Algorithm we believe strongly in ensuring all work we do is based on supporting data and insights. Using data insights intelligently in order to optimise campaigns is a core philosophy of ours, clear and impactful decisions can only be made once all the information and data available has been taken into account.
The right strategic decisions require the right data and reliable data. We help you make effective decisions by extracting valuable insight from accurate data.

Our data analysts are a unique breed who are both highly technical but also understand business analysis. This helps dive commercially founded insights and recommendations. Algorithm Agency gives your business the tools and insights needed to track and measure your campaign ROI

2. Analysis & Reporting

Simple Reports with big insights

We specialise in helping you discover how your users are interacting with your website in a way that provides actionable insight, and then ensure that your site’s performance is monitored, refined and continuously improved.

Our data experts specialise in data automation, to ensure you don’t pay for lots of manual reporting. We strive to automate all data aggregation and presentation into beautifully crafted reporting dashboards, that are structured around your business or campaign objectives.

That way we can spend more time talking about what you should be doing not “what happened last month”.

Reporting is a big part of our process and it plays a big role in all our work output. Without comprehensive reporting we cannot know if campaigns are working and driving return on investment to be proud of. All our work no matter how small is reported on in detail. We use relevant metrics to show you where your budget is working.

3. Analytics & Tracking Audits

accurate, actionable insights

Even the largest brands can have substantial problems with the integrity of their web analytics configuration and deployment.

Or they are often missing the tracking of very valuable actions or levels of interaction.

We can perform a quick audit and recommendations for your brand and ensure that you are measuring the right things and with accuracy.

4. Planning, Implementation & KPI’s

Data driven Insights

Not sure where to start of developing a new digital asset? We can also help you define your business objectives translated into appropriate targets and KPIs.

From working with you to define the right metrics, we can then recommend the best analytics configuration. We are also able to implement the code or work with your developers to ensure that have the instructions that they need to effectively measure your most valuable digital assets.

We specialise in Google Analytics measurement strategies and Google Analytics implementations but can work with any enterprise level analytics software.

Proprietary Tools

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Custom Dashboards

Track ROI

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