Tips, Tricks & Useful Resources – Performance Marketing 101s

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Tips, Tricks & Useful Resources – Performance Marketing 101s

Digital marketing is a vast subject and can often leave you feeling bewildered.

You might have attempted digital marketing courses in the past or plan on doing so, regardless the challenge is always how to take the theory and pull practical insights and knowledge from it that you can apply in your work.

To make this problem worse, it’s an industry that has so many acronyms that it can leave you feeling confused before you even get started.

The Algorithm How To Series

Don’t despair, we have created a series of short explainer videos that help walk you through the processes of implementing the basic foundational tasks associated with paid media, google analytics and organic search.

From the implementation of analytics tracking to creating audiences for paid media or performing keyword research, we have got it covered.

So, if you are looking for short practical videos that walk you through the process of implementing the most common performance marketing tasks, check out our comprehensive How To Series on our YouTube channel.

We have created a series of 44 explainer videos that show you how to perform the essential tasks associated with Paid Media, Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation. You can check out the all the episodes on our YouTube channel:

  1. Implementing Google Tag Manager
  2. Google Analytics Tracking Implementation
  3. Linking Google Analytics to Google Ads
  4. Google Analytics Audience Overview Reports
  5. Google Analytics Acquisition Reports
  6. Using Google Analytics Filters
  7. Google Analytics Custom Reports
  8. Using Secondary Dimensions in Google Analytics
  9. Google Analytics Goals
  10. Creating & Publishing Google Analytics Audiences to Google Ads
  11. Google Ads Stack Explained
  12. Google Search Campaigns
  13. Google Display Campaigns
  14. Creating Facebook Audiences
  15. SEO Page Meta Information Explained
  16. SEO Keyword Research Explained
  17. SEO Content Briefs
  18. Content Writing for SEO
  19. SEO Technical Issues
  20. Site Speed Tools
  21. SEO Google My Business Explained
  22. SEO Heading Tags Explained
  23. SEO Image Optimisation Explained
  24. SEO Local Search Optimisation Explained
  25. SEO Meta Information Explained
  26. SEO Mobile Friendly Testing Tools
  27. SEO Robots.txt Explained
  28. SEO Sitemaps Explained
  29. SEO Social Media for SEO
  30. Analysing & Optimising Campaign Performance Explained
  31. CPA Cost Per Action Explained
  32. Creating Facebook Audiences in FB Business Manager
  33. Google Ads Auction Insights Explained
  34. Google Display Network Campaigns Explained
  35. Google Merchant Centre and Shopping Campaigns Explained
  36. Keyword Match Types and Negatives Explained
  37. Standard and Dynamic Search Campaigns Explained
  38. Facebook Page Insights Explained
  39. Google Analytics Audience Segments Explained
  40. Google Analytics Custom Reports Explained
  41. Google User Explorer and CID Explained
  42. Key Google Analytics Metrics Explained
  43. Targets & KPIs Explained
  44. UTM Source & Medium Tracking Explained

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Author : Simon Lloyd