1. Digital Marketing Reports

Actionable performance marketing reporting

Website Performance

How is your website really performing? It’s actually quite a difficult question to answer. The campaign traffic may be great and the user experience sucks, or completely the other way round. Understanding all strategies and tactics in one simple visual view is the formula for success. Are you happy with your reporting process and views?

Social Media

Social media is often picked on as being a channel that does not drive revenue? But social is not that simple and requires a strategy to drive “user intent” over time. How you choose to judge social success is often a digital managers pain point? What is the purpose of your social strategy and is it being measured in the right way for long term success?

Content Performance

Content is king, the most overused phrase in digital marketing. But there’s no smoke without fire. Quality content is key to delivering a great user experience. So how do you measure the success of your content with metrics that are not just subjective? Well, we have developed a series of tools and reporting frameworks that do just that.

Paid Media Performance

Paid media is the sharp end of digital. Where you spend money and expect a direct return. For that reason, paid media reporting needs to be world class. Not complex but reduced complexity and manual. Are you able to quickly judge the success of your paid media activity, in one simple view?

Organic Search Performance

Organic search reporting has a really bad reputation, with people relying on smoke and mirrors to say what’s wrong and not what has been done or improved. Do you really know what your SEO team is doing and what is working and not working?

2. Business Perfromance Reporting

Operational & Campaign Insights

Lead Generation

Leads for both business to business and consumer organisations are critical to your sales teams success. But it’s not just a volume game. It requires a clear view on lead quality and the source of those quality leads. How well is your lead generation campaign driving sales and revenue for your business?


E-commerce allows for a large volume of performance data. But its not just about revenue, what about source of revenue, average basket value, margin extraction? E-commerce reporting needs to be tailored to an organisations own objectives. No e-commerce campaign is the same.

SalesForce Integration

SalesForce is an awesome platform and is widely adopted around the globe. It’s one weakness is the ease with which you can extract and match your CRM data with your digital campaign data. Quant has built a connector and reporting template for SalesForce focussed organisations.

Integrated Digital Reporting

Integration is easy these days right? Press a button, connect an API. Bish bash bosh, you are ready to roll? Well, not quite.
Data integration requires data accuracy, data cleanliness and stability. Quant has experience of integrating with a large array of different data sources. Not just marketing platforms, like Google Analytics, Adobe and Google Ads. We have also have had experience with operational systems integration like Salesforce, Microsoft CRM to name a few.

3. Clean Data

accurate, actionable insights

Even with data connectors, data often requires some automation for extracting and tidying. Using scripts and languages like Python we are able to remove the pain of extraction or on the fly data cleaning.

Once all the right data is connected it becomes the challenge of selecting the right metrics, removing the complexity and creating a meaningful and visually appealing dashboard.

4. Visualising Campaign Data

Data driven Insights

No matter what your sector or your strategy or operational system, we are able to simplify your reporting into live data dashboards. We can align with various reporting solutions including but not limited to Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView and Pentaho.

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