Custom Google Analytics Alerts for Performance Marketing

There are many metrics and KPIs that we need to keep track of when running a performance marketing campaign. At Algorithm, we monitor our client’s sites on a frequent basis but it is not always possible to check multiple times a day for any serious issues that may have arisen. This is where Google Alerts can be a massive help.  

By using Custom Google Alerts you are warned as soon as an issue presents itself. There is really no limitation to what you can monitor with custom alerts, however below are three of the main ones we would suggest using:

  1. Increase in 404’s and 500 errors
    404 errors are served when a page is not found on your site. An increase in 404 errors may indicate an issue with your website or CMS. 500 errors are shown when there is an issue with the server hosting your website and Google or users cannot access the site. A custom alert across these 2 areas will give you a timely warning on the health of your site should an issue arise.
  2. No transactions recorded.
    At Algorithm, we have a number of E-commerce clients and in this space, there are a number of issues that can go wrong in e-commerce tracking setup and implementation. A custom alert to warn you if no transactions are recorded for a period of 12 or 24 hours gives you enough warning to diagnose and fix any potential tracking issues before too much data is lost.
  3. Channel-specific sessions (Organic, Paid etc)
    A custom alert to monitor sessions from your main traffic driving channels is also a good idea. If there is a sudden drop a custom alert can give you advanced warning to quickly diagnose and fix the potential issue. The alternative may result in you picking up an issue after a day or two which may have a significant impact on the traffic of your site.

Graeme Stiles

Graeme has 10 years experience in Search Marketing across a number of industries. He spent time in the online gaming sector learning the ins and outs of competitive search marketing before moving into the digital agency space.
Graeme's focus is now on process optimisation and systems creation in the performance marketing space.