Accessible, Live, Automated Dashboards

Digital marketing reporting has always been painful, for both agencies and clients.

Clients often experience reporting that is late, poorly formatted and lacking any insights.

Agencies have spent hours manually pulling data from numerous ad and analytics platforms, then, they spend even more time “cutting and sticking” the data into ugly Excel tables and graphs.

There have been a number of tools available, to help solve this automation/visualisation problem.  Some of them are really powerful, for example Tableau and QlikView. The problem, has been the price point. Especially for smaller agencies and SME’s.

Introducing Automated Dashboards from R5,000

We are now able to offer automated and highly visual digital performance dashboards at a highly accessible cost.

We have done this by creating automated data links to Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords (inc YouTube and the Google Display Network) plus Twitter. This enables us to dynamically pull all the campaign and website data into a single source and visualise that data in a really awesome dashboard.

Web Analytics


Live Data & Reporting

The reporting dashboards that we produce are accessible at anytime and you can change the date range of the data being displayed. The data dynamically refreshes for the dates that you choose, meaning that the need to request reports all of the time disappears. You can access them, anytime and anyplace.

Visualisation in Your Brand Identity

All graphs, tables and data will be fully customised to your brands look and feel. You just need to send us your logo and the colour references for your corporate identity and we do the rest.

Accessible on Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

The dashboards that we create can be produced as a live web page. So that you can access them on any device. You also have the option to export the reports into PDF format, should you wish.

Digital Performance Dashboards

Executive Oversight & Buy-In

Our dashboards will make it far easier to showcase the efficacy of your digital campaigns. You will be able to show the data to your management teams online and/or share the link to the live data. The ability for stakeholder to be able “to play with the data” using date range selectors, fosters a greater sense of trust, transparency and accountability.

Getting Started

The process for us to build your dashboards is very simple:

  1. You tell us which analytics and ad platforms you want us to include
  2. You send us your logo and confirm your colour palette for your brand
  3. You provide us with access to the platforms (as simple as adding one email address to each account)
  4. You confirm how you like to report (weekly, monthly) and how you like to compare data / trends (month-on-month, year-on-year etc)
  5. We build your dashboard, and that’s it

We also offer ongoing insight reporting services, if you want us to take the hard work out of saying what should be optimised each month for your campaigns.

Our ongoing insights services are also priced at a very accessible price point.

Even if you are an agency, we can also operate as a white-label reporting and analytics service.

Find Out More

To find out more about how we could automate your reporting, please contact us, using the contact form below.


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