Algorithm Agency launch new comprehensive search analysis tool

“Topic clusters” have been the subject of a fair amount of research and discussion in the SEO world recently. HubSpot recently published a fairly detailed research article on the subject and the data points to there being huge value in this tactic.

But what if we could pull all this data and give you a powerful visual of the topics that your brand or website should be focused on. What if we could take this a step further and combine the “cluster data” with all the topics that your website and products target. By doing this you would be able to see, at a glance where your website is strong and the topics and content that require the most urgent attention. Quickly identifying the low hanging fruit for your search and content strategy. It is no longer a hit and miss process, why shoot in the dark when you can plan with pinpoint accuracy? What if we could take this a step further, and could then overlay your competitor’s data with the topic visibility data? You would then be able to tell, at a glance where competitive opportunities lie, as well as analyse where your competitors are strong in certain areas and replicate their success where need be.

Get accurate and actionable insights on your competitors and their content

At Algorithm we have been working on a tool that delivers this data for some time. We call it the Algorithm Visibility Report and we think it is really powerful.

It also happens to be really useful for brand and marketing managers.

For the first time, you can now see, through a highly visual dashboard what your websites visibility is, in the search engine results, as well as benchmark your performance against your competitors. The insights from this data are massive and can be turned into many practical uses in your marketing strategy.

  • For example, you can use the tool to assess where your campaigns need extra focus – in a few minutes you can tell which products and services are performing well and where there are gaps in your service offering
  • You can use this tool to manage your search agency, you no longer need to take their word on how your campaign is performing. You can now see if their work is paying off and where to direct them for extra focus on the weaker areas.
  • You can use the Algorithm Visibility Report to assess new markets. If you plan on launching a new product or service but are unsure of the competitive landscape and how much visibility you can expect, then this is the report is all you need.
  • Not sure on what the potential market is for your product or service? The Algorithm Visibility Report is built on detailed keyword research, this means you can quickly and easily see what the potential search volume is for your product or service, as well as how many potential keywords are worth targeting. This data is invaluable and can save you both money and effort when launching or assessing the viability of a sector for a product launch.

We plan on sharing some of the in-depth technical aspects behind how this report is generated in future articles. We will unpack how the algorithm behind the tool pulls the data together and how we then overlay this with your competitors to create the amazing dataset. So make sure that you sign up for future updates.

If you feel that your business or brand could make use of this report, please let us know and we can chat you through the setup and roll out.

With this level of insight, you can really take your digital campaigns to the next level, big data is a buzzword, actionable data is where the focus should be, and this report is a great example of marketing data providing business value.




Graeme Stiles

Graeme has 10 years experience in Search Marketing across a number of industries. He spent time in the online gaming sector learning the ins and outs of competitive search marketing before moving into the digital agency space.
Graeme's focus is now on process optimisation and systems creation in the performance marketing space.

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