Squeezing More Out of Your Digital Marketing

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Squeezing More Out of Your Digital Marketing

In May 2019, Algorithm hosted a thought leadership workshop with some of our very own clients as well as some industry experts. We questioned if they were all sure that they are squeezing the most out of their digital marketing efforts.

The event kicked off with our Director of Operations, Ashley Watts who ran through some of the changes in the digital hemisphere and how it impacts clients wanting the dream of an omnichannel digital marketing strategy. Today we exist in the age of the customer, where services dominate and experiences differentiate, mapping a simple customer journey is not as easy as one thinks.

Simon Lloyd, our Director of Paid, then took our attendees through the multitude of platforms available to marketers, and how to pick your weapons.

At the end of the day, without a proper digital framework in place, no marketer will be able to answer that question. If not done with the right insights, Performance Marketing can easily chew through your marketing budget with little or no return.

In our workshop we unpacked the details of our framework, if you would like to read more about this framework, please do so here.

Next up was our Director of Search, Graeme Stiles who talked around the importance of being visible online. If you are nowhere to be found and have not applied best practice to your online platforms, you must question the point of having them. Only once your platforms are optimised correctly from an infrastructural perspective, can you even start to think about content and things like conversion rate optimisation. Again, we work in a very simple framework to ensure your foundations are laid correctly.

Derik Nieman whom is our Director of Data and Analytics ran through the value in accurate and integrated reporting. Put simply, if you cannot report on your marketing efforts holistically, how do you even know what is working. Derik also discussed that marketing channels and budgets need to be tested, you will never know what works until you try it, however just because something does not work the first time does not mean with a little conversation rate optimisation, that you cannot adjust your efforts to get a better conversion rate. It is all about using the data you have to make informed decisions.

Just before we all headed to the bar, Simon Lloyd wrapped up our workshop: with a few key points

  1. Be on the shelf
  2. Exploit your competitors
  3. Know your lemons (what are you aiming for)
  4. Just do it (don’t procrastinate)
  5. Test test and test again

Performance marketing will work for you, as long as you are visible, you understand your competitive landscape, you know what channels work for you, and if you are not scared to try but always test, report and test again.

Not sure where to start? Contact Algorithm and we would be happy to help.

Plan your work and work your plan.

Author : Ashley Watts, Director