Your site speed sucks

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Your site speed sucks

Your Site Speed Sucks

They Say

“We need to reduce your site speed loading time by compressing images and javascript, otherwise Google will penalise us hard!” 

What on earth are they on about? Let’s get Straight To The Point…

They Mean

That you are losing leads and revenue – due to a poor user experience on mobile devices.

Google, like human’s care about user experience. The more people that search on mobile devices, the more you need to make sure that the site loads quickly. Yes, for technical reasons but its quite simple. Would you wait for a site that takes more then a few seconds to load on a mobile device, most probably not.

Don’t get lost in the technical jargon. If you use wordpress for your site, for example, it can be very quick and simple to drastically improve your website load time.

Why Should You Care?

Sites with a fast load speed will convert more leads, enquiries and sales. A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions (source:

Think about the statistic above. Do you even know what your site speed is like? Do you spend any time thinking about it BEFORE spending money on media that is not delivering the returns it should?

So, fixing your site speed really is common sense.

Need Some Help?

If you wish for us to run a site speed audit and let you know how quick and easy it might be (or not) to fix your site speed (in just a few days), contact us today.