Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy v Marketing Campaigns

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Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy v Marketing Campaigns

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy v Marketing Campaigns

Throwing a stone into an empty corridor comes to mind when you hear the words “let’s just do some marketing campaigns”.  Like any marketing, unless informed and tracked how can you rate the success? Without it, your efforts are just RAMS (random acts of marketing).

So why is an integrated strategy important?

  1. Regardless of the constant changes in the digital world, you need strategic direction
  2. Your strategic direction needs to be aligned to your business goals and objectives
  3. You need to better understand your position in the digital world (SEO, Social, Data) and compare yourself with your competitors.
  4. You need to understand your audience
  5. You need to be able to set up relevant KPI’s, and match the viability of that to your budget
  6. You need consistency across all your platforms, you want to achieve a similar output and a complementary message at every customer touch point, whether online, offline, at home or mobile.
  7. You need to build a community across your brand
  8. Strategic thinking driven by solid, informative research, is the backbone of effective integrated marketing. Getting to know who your audience is, what they want, and how they want to feel about your services or products is a crucial step in this process

The demand for content – in the form of visuals, video, audio and the list goes on – is growing out of control, and is really expensive. How do you know your brand needs it? The most recent terms coming up in discussions is “I want to break through the clutter”. There is no chance of you being able to do that unless you understand your landscape, your audience and your competitors.

An integrated performance Digital marketing strategy is composed of many critical components. Successful execution of a strategy demands that each component be utilized. The following pieces make up the puzzle

  • Customer-Centric Content Strategy
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM & CRO: Search Engine Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Analytics (Data)
  • Amplification : Paid Media

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